Training update – Luzzone Dam trip!

With the end of July approaching fast, things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as I’d have liked. Business has been hectic these last few weeks (I’m not complaining – please don’t stop booking in to see me!), but it’s meant a slow start to the training plan.

I got up to Awesome Walls in Stockport a couple of weeks ago, and caught up with a friend there for a few routes. The back wall there is 23m – a full 10 metres short of each pitch on the Luzzone Dam, but still a fair distance. A couple of climbs in, I was already struggling to feel my fingers. It turns out that climbing 33 metres is really not the same as climbing 11 metres three times – a fact I seem determined to keep forgetting. My endurance is definitely going to need some work.

Last week, we were down at Redpoint Worcester for another evening session. I can’t remember exactly how many routes we climbed, but it must have been a few, because I managed to take several chunks of skin off my hands.  Just as well I don’t need those for work or anything… (oh, wait…). Some days, I swear I’m held together mostly by stubbornness and sticky tape.

Then at the weekend, we managed to get outdoors with a few friends down in the Wye Valley. We had the kids with us too, so it wasn’t an opportunity for lots of serious climbing, but everyone had fun.

We’re definitely looking to up the pace over the next few weeks, though, both with the training and our fundraising efforts. To support us, visit our Just Giving page here, or help by spreading the word.

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